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kitchens services

The kitchen is one of the most important places in every home, and it is the space where much of the time is spent and where the family hangs out. When it comes to wanting to give a significant change to the house; remodeling the kitchen is one of the main options, precisely because it is one of the most visited and crowded areas daily and therefore more exposed to the viewer; since we spend good time in the kitchen preparing every meal and snack, it is natural that this space should be the most welcoming, pleasant and functional. The kitchen is an alternative to consider if you are planning a remodeling. So if you want to give your home a touch of modernity, do not hesitate to contact our experts at MAPAR ENTERPRISES.

bathrooms services

It is the first space we step into when we get up and the last one before going to bed. Therefore, the bathroom has to be a pleasant, luminous and well ventilated room. The bathroom is one of the main and most used rooms in a house. There are different types of bathrooms depending on the use we give it: the courtesy or guest bathroom, shared bathroom, full bathroom, and more. That’s why when you choose one of them, you should consider not only the aesthetics but also the comfort and your needs. The use of a bathroom has been changing over the years. The daily needs have made this space to be used not as no only for personal hygiene, but has acquired other meanings.

interiors services

At MAPAR ENTERPRISES, we understand the importance of your home, so we will treat your interior and exterior house painting project professionally, as if it were our home. You may want your house to look shiny, vibrant and renewed, or you have just moved in and you are looking to give the space a new look, the best way to achieve this is to give it a new touch of paint to its facade and interiors. Each room in your house has a special personality and one of the most important aspects in interior decoration is the color we give to our walls. Interior painting can add value and comfort to a house. Our expert painters bring their knowledge to the walls of your home.

exteriors services

Painting the exterior of the house is an exciting and rewarding project; it's more than just improving the appearance. A painted house feels comfortable and warm. The exterior of the house is as important as every room in it, so having it well presented, looking good and with a good color scheme, is the calling card for the rest of the house. Painting the house is a great investment, the purpose of an exterior paint is not only to beautify but also to protect the surfaces. Whether you want your home to stand out from the rest in the neighborhood or you are simply looking for a way to make the house as elegant as its interior.

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